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The New Blockaders  [Live At The Rammel Club/The Dome]

Includes Two live tracks.

Broken flag festival 2012 & Harbinger sound festival 2012.


「Live At The Dome」はブロークンフラッグ フェスティヴァル「Never Say When」での演奏。ひりつくようなハウリングによる重低音持続音、突き刺さる金属の摩擦や回転による軋轢、手につかめそうな物音にまで昇華されたオシレーターサウンド、接触不良音、そしてオーディエンスの狂気全てがまるでコンクリートミキサーに放り込まれて破壊され融合していくかのように、リアルタイムでノイズ交響曲が精製されていく。当時の会場の空気をそのまま切り取ってきたかのような臨場感溢れるライブトラック。

「Live At The Rammel Club」はHarbinger Sound フェスティヴァルでの演奏。このトラックはDomeのリハーサルを兼ねたパフォーマンスであった。会場が小さく、また録音状態も影響して非常にカオス度の高く、現場の空気の密度の濃さがダイレクトに伝わるライブトラック。
83年の名盤「Live At Morden Tower」を思い出さずにはいられない生々しい虚無の記録である。


The Rammel Club:
‘The organizers had promised Special Guests and they don't come any more special than The New Blockaders. Around 100 folk saw TNB wreck the stage with wood, metal, tools and glass. Visceral and edgy with sawing metal abuse, high pitched frequencies, the audience getting a little nervous maybe, TNB feeding off this with one masked provocateur hurling a wooden table into the throng where it flies tracer like onto my head before someone picks it up and hurls it back, along with a few beer cans spraying their emptying contents for good measure. After TNB left the stage everyone was wearing a smile.’ MuhMur / Idwal Fisher
The Dome:
‘The New Blockaders concluded the Broken Flag Never Say When festival, which had been an exhilarating weekend. Fittingly, it was a conclusion of pure noise, a tidal wave of nasty, enervated saturation. TNB go beyond pure noise and into something approaching, but resolutely sneering at, the avant garde. Ultimately, with their ferocity and nihilism, TNB brought matters full circle, back to the roots of Broken Flag’s underground spirit, but without ever dispelling the magic that had gone before.’ The Laminal


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Stephen Cornford